Hydrogène Avancé

Advanced Hydrogen Energy (Based in Canada ) relying on the leading Anion Exchange Membrane technologies, developed Anion Exchange Membrane electrolysis water hydrogen equipment. The energy consumption for hydrogen production has reached the international advanced level, effectively solving the pain point of high hydrogen production and transportation costs in the industry.

The company is striving to become a global leader in overall hydrogen energy solutions.


AEM electrolysis

Anion Exchange Membrane electrolysis allows negatively charged Hydroxyl ions (OH-) to pass through the membrane and restricts positively charges ions (H+). These restricted protons (H+) combine to make Green Hydrogen gas on the cathode side and the Hydroxyl ions (OH-) combine at the anode side producing water and oxygen gas.

Alkaline Electrolysis

Our K Series Alkaline Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Equipment can produce up to 2,000 Nm3/h of hydrogen per day. Our modular concept enables us to deliver customized indoor hydrogen solutions for any application, configuration and size – anywhere....

PEM Electrolysis

To satisfy those needs, we suggest containerization. Polymer Electrolyte Membrance Electrolysis deliver the P Series platform in a containerized form for easy outdoor installations. The P Series PEM Technology makes for a reliable and turnkey solution with minimal maintenance. Typical applications include renewable energy storage, industrial process gas, and hydrogen fueling.